eye + technology + timing

Potato Point 2014 V3

I went off early this particular morning as I had done the previous year in around the same headland. But I had forgotten my glasses and for a moment I thought that I should just go back and not continue exploring. Then I thought hey! the camera does it all any way so off I went searching for an interesting angle.

I framed up this particular view pressed the button and let the technology do it’s thing,focus-aperture-color-balance-exposure, the lot,at the press of the button. It was not until I got back home a few days after that I was able to have a closer look at what had been captured. Again this was because the software allowed me to investigate the resultant exposures.The final image had been tweaked and enhanced from the original which was to make some of the subtler tones and details to be more prominent.I had to ask myself what actually happen from the time I first put down the tripod to the final image you see here. My final estimation is that personal input was only about 5% of the final result. the rest was up to the technology of the camera and software of the computer.The only thing which I could say about the choices that is made is based on previous experience in framing and that’s about all. Of course experience tells you when the best time of day has the most dramatic effect in a landscape setting.To sum up , all that I had to do was get up and frame the scene the camera and the forces of nature did the rest, in fact I became the witness of the event and could not claim any credit for what just took place.More and more as time goes on I am being brought to the realization that I am just a witness of what takes place and the rest is really all done for you. I have of course used the technology to share it with others and allowing them to see what is there in that instant of time.

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