_Sawyer Creek Road  Version 2

Compose: form (a whole) by ordering or arranging the parts, especially in an artistic way: compose and draw a still life ,this is the dictionary meaning.What is it that is working behind the actual image itself? There must be some law operating in the art if visual representation.Firstly any image is bound by the frame or proportion of the frame itself,being either rectangular or square for example. The image here is composed of particular elements which follows these laws.

When I was driving in this area I was looking for a interesting land formation and I was struck by the mountain range in the background with its soft rolling formation.In order to control the viewers attention the road in the foreground  moves  from left to right and leads the eye to the rolling mountain range which is the key interest. The picture which had been framed further by the tall grass on the left, softening the entry point of the road to allow the gradual overview of the whole scene.

So not only is the visual landscape  with its dramatic lighting the thing that makes us stay and look at the image but the decisions being made in the composition of where the elements are in relation to the whole composition.If the elements are relating to one another them there is no tension for the eye to be arrested and allows the mind to fall quiet and contemplate the view as a whole.

Landscapes are beautiful to experience  while you are there but it is in the visual interpretation and decisions that are made that allows for the viewer to have a glimpse of what is the captured moment , and it is this law of composition which is the silent key which opens the door to the emanating beauty of the landscape.

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