The Pain of Survival

Hill top view ACT

I went to this hill top on the edge of suburban Canberra on the off chance that nature would display its glorious light and colour at the magical time of sunset.It was not to be this time around and I was drawn to the this tree which had a commanding position on the highest point looking the westward towards the Brindabella mountain range, when I walked under its branches,

it looked like it was frequented by the herd of cows and horses that are kept on the property.They obviously took shelter from the heat and probably used the sides of trunk as a back scratcher to relieve the pain of unwanted bites from pests and mosquitoes and further adding to the pain of the tree by chewing pieces of its stringy bark.The darkness of its upper limbs seem to indicate a loss of vital energy from the ground and the sign of a slow and imminent death. The scars look as if they are bleeding and you could almost feel the pain just looking at it’s ravaged trunk,still standing and providing shelter and ease to those who come under its shade.This made me reflect on the times I had hurt those who loved and cared for me and appreciate the sacrifices they had made for my development and well being and never asking for anything in return.

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