Laverda SF750 (portrait of premonition)

Laverda SF 750 - 1975 - Version 2

Laverda SF750 (portrait of premonition)

Why did I shoot this image in a cemetery, several months later I was riding back down the coast from a stay with a friend in Belingen.I had just filled the tank and was feeling very charged and exhilarated, riding hard and pushing the limits of gravitational pull and against the force and power of the machine to counter its influence.The scenery changed from

open fields and distance landscapes to a road that quickly became windy with a rapid change of curves and directions.I had pushed the throttle hard leaning into a left hand bank as it changed into a rapid incline downwards,it struck me instantly, a impulsive panic on seeing a line of cars banked up and stationary at the bottom of the sharp bend to the right,my impulse responded with a too heavy hit on the back brake sending the bike our from under me catapulting its massive weight and screeching on its side spinning as it tore pieces of the road on its collision course. the sparks ignited the now flowing fuel pouring out of the ruptured fuel line and in an instant a massive flame engulfed the machine as it carried to a fiery death, all this was in full view as I was sliding and spinning on my back in unison with the burning metal,traveling at the same speed but separated by a distance of a few meters.It all happen in slow motion as if I had plenty of time to observe the whole event as it unfolded,it was like watching from a still point and being aware of the whole drama unfolding,there was no agitation or panic after the initial loss of traction, calm and relaxed as the speed and impact of the force of gravity brought the whole incident to a stop in a spectacular engulfment of fire.There was not emotional movement in the mind as I watched the machine burn.I quickly ran to the backpack strapped to the seat and ripped it of and stood back a distance and reached into it……

Laverda Burning 76 (2)

and found myself standing there with a camera in my hand shooting the last frame of the spectacle.

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