(Captain) Kielty

Captain Kielty (1)

The only idea I had in mind to shoot a portrait of Michael was to emphasize and bring out the nautical quality and reflect his involvement with the sea. Michael had served in the Navy during the Vietnam war and suffered post traumatic syndrome( which never surfaced till many years later) from a direct missile hit to the ship he was serving on and loosing a close friend in the incident.Michael has been a volunteer with Marine Rescue for over a decade. The elements that work in this image of course are centered around the presence of Michael himself, but this is not enough to bring out the nautical feel which I was after.We spent hours in the morning surveying various locations, and the ocean was an integral part of the feel of the image.We found a suitable location on the Northern end of Narrabeen with Michael in his shorts sitting in a pool of water holding a warm toned reflector in his hand just out of shot, this has given the image that unusual look to lighting coming from the bottom left creating a different shadows as to what is normal on a sunny day, he had to be alert and have presence of mind to focus looking at the camera at the same time. The setup was in place and now it is just a matter of waiting for the right moment to capture the crashing waves as they broke against the rocks.On reflection the key elements that were fundamental to making this image work were made up of 1.Michael’s face and beard and his presence and awareness 2.the Greek hat which was his fathers and the dark coat 3.The rock self and crashing waves.I used a wide angle lens which also gave the image a slightly distorted look.

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