Spirits in stone, London 1980

BXW folio010

I was walking past the side gate of a antique shop when something told me to stop and look inside.My attention was arrested as I sensed the presence of something unseen residing in the space and stone artifacts.I quickly shot a few frames on my 35mm Nikon instinctively and moved on. Its not something that I can verify in the physical world but the feeling was there that I had accidentally stumbled across ,yet briefly a space which had a feeling that there was something present other than the forms. At first glace at this image you would not pick this up but when you look at the small figure on the ground you almost get a sense that it is present and alive,that each piece is in fact a repository of an unseen forces.The question is, can the unseen presence be capture or does it take the medium of the written word to bring it to life as I am now doing.Of course the onlooker of these images can make up their own mind about what is being proposed but the question is still open.

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