Stanuga_ Veceslav_Meditation

One of the things that has been advised in the practice of meditation is the stillness of the body as there is a direct correlation with movement of the mind if the body is not still. This same stillness can be reflected in the physical world and to fully appreciate it,I have found that I need to become aware of the stillness within myself to full connect with the stillness in the outside world.In being asked to shoot an image representing meditation, I had to consider the aspects of what visually would represent stillness and what normally is in motion to be seen to have a feeling of calm and rest, like the ocean.The technical aspects needed to be considered to enhance this quality and from there a decision is made as to the right location which would be suitable (Hawks Nest). From here on there is nothing you can do but just be there and wait and watch and allow the changes in the circumstance to just unfold,and to be mindful and present while the changes in the scenery unfolds ,just shooting brackets at intervals being full aware of the need to adjust any technical aspects that would give the best results.In this image I was there at the right time at the right place and conscious of what the theme of the assignment was,the rest was up to the unfolding creation.

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